Thin blade parts

Our Partners have been market leaders in Thin blade series for the past decade. Reason has been universal and efficient availability of all the spares at all times.  

Thin blade slitter scorer parts replacement is critical from time to time due to regular wear and tear.

We have listed the following parts so that your machine continues to be productive and maintains fine finish of board.

In this category A list (shared below) represents parts that require periodic changes while B list represents parts that are required in emergency breakdown. We advice users to maintain a steady inventory of Category A parts to ensure smooth running operations as well as maintain the optimum quality of output.

Category A (Requires periodic changes)

  • Thin blades
  • Scorer wheels
  • Grinding wheels
  • Blade Groove plate

Category B

  • Timing belt
  • Grinding wheel bush
  • Grinding Assembly linker
  • Pneumatic Cylinder
  • Grinding wheel cylinder assembly