Flute Laminators


Flute lamination machine series is the modern technology of flute pasting to make 3 ply corrugated board for fine printed inner boxes by using different type of fluted corrugated board , its the most efficient and labour saving substitution of traditional manual pasting . Innovation of this machine removes the fear of low production of pasted sheet on daily basis for medium and large scale box manufacturers and maintain high quality box, smooth finish and least dry time.

Material for pasting and top paper : its important for this machine that customer user 

best composition of starch based gum with calculated water mixer for the fine job as well use high grammage top card board sheet while making 3 ply board 60-70 % user prefer this machine for their inner boxes printing/laminated and coated for high quality cartons but with the machine is now developed with high grammage  and high quality craft paper to make good 3ply corrugated board for both inner and outer box . 

5ply laminator: Innovation of 5 ply laminator is given greater strength to the box manufacturing and now many job now transfered to 5 layer carton with use of 5 ply automatic laminator

with the usage the model of laminator are also wide:

3 ply semi auto laminator common type

3 ply semi auto laminator with auto lift

3 ply fully auto laminator

5 ply fully auto laminator