Stitching Symptoms and Correction

Angular Box stitchers are the most commonly and frequently used box stitchers by manufacturers in India and South East Asia.

We highlight here a visual approach to the common problems that might show up during the use of ABS as well as the likely reasons so that the problem can be addressed. 



Reasons & Correction



Perfect Stitch




One leg too short

Incorrect wire feed, undue brake on wire spool wrong setting of wire feed



One leg too long


Excessive wire feed. wrong adjustment of feed lever




Crumpled staple crown


Wire of no penetrating force, change for stronger wire.



One leg breaks at bending angle


Wire too brittle or hard, edge of driver too sharp



Staple Crown not flush, legs crumpled


Arm loo low, or wire too soft or too thin



Both legs short

Adjust the length of wire by resetting with the help of feed adjusting screw



Both legs squeezed back


Replace loop bar or former



One leg squeezed up ward


Damage to driver (corner broken)



Crown of Staple bowed, staple not clinched correctly


Wrong setting of stitching thickness, set the Arm



Staple leg not fully closed


Set the push bar



Staple leg not clinched


Clinchers, Back plate push bar damaged



Clinching pressed through Board


Push bar loo high



Burr on wire ends


Blunt cutters or cutting Tubes






Bowed staple Crown, no flush clinching


Wire too hard or defective clincher Ram


Side deflected


Defective former driver or clincher



Wire buckled between culling tube and feeder

Wire guide or loop bar defective

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