NC Cut off


 As appeared from name ,cut off machine is thick corrugated board cutter ,normally named as sheet cutter for paper and 2 layer, cut off is part of line 3/5/7 layer and control the cutting of board at end and major part of line. In simple words if the cut off is an ultimate part of line and major performance line speed is depends how fast and accurate NC cut off works.

Work as 2 knife combination , Two types of knife supplied on users choice, common or spiral .

Speed and length is controlled by servo motor and touch screen panel .

Technical parameters

* Diameter of cutter shaft :200mm

Thickness: 35mm       Roll surface width: 1400mm

* Guide roll diameter 124mm

Thickness 12mm        Roll surface width 1400mm chrome plated

* Knife choice Plain or  spiral blade 39*10

Structure features:

* Special structural design, excellent strength of the mechanical wallboard and base, both sides of the wallboard with perspective Windows, easy to observe and maintenance.

* Servo motor power:11kw.With  Well branded 15KW servo driver ,Operating screen 7 " , operating station main power supply from the field variable frequency power cabinet

* The transmission system adopts oil pump for automatic circulation lubrication to ensure transmission accuracy.

* Adopt high precision, high hardness grinding gear, high speed resistance, long service life, ensure accurate meshing of knife edge, paperboard smooth without burr.

* High precision cutter shaft, tool holder design, high speed cutting is very stable.

* The computer can automatically adjust the cutting acceleration according to the cardboard specifications and production speed;Automatic tracking board running speed, keep in sync.

* The computer can store 999 orders and complete them automatically in order or according to priority conditions. The screen displays various production information.

* Cutting paper length of 500~9999mm, cutting precision ±1mm.

SIZE: 1200/1400/1600/1800/2000 MM