Slotter Slitter Scorer Parts

Slitter slotter scorer machines (RS4) are one of most critical machines in corrugation manufacturer's arsenal. The blades, knifes and spares required to maintain the output of these machines are equally important and critical.

Being the most important section of packaging unit, slotter slitter scorer often faces  interruption due to lack of necessary maintenance of blades and spares.

Right and timely selection of these parts can add life to the machine, improve the quality of output (box) as well as ensure un-interrupted production level (which slotters are known for).  

We define category of parts is at 3 levels :

Level 1 is spares which a manufacturer should always maintain an inventory of;

Level 2 is for parts requiring periodic upgrade;

Level 3 is for per need basis and emergency break downs.

Level 1

  • Slotting Blades
  • Corner/ Flap Blades
  • Slitting Blades
  • Chain Accessories

Level 2

  • Under Slotting Blades
  • Spacers
  • Scrap Blades 

Level 3

  • Scorer Wheels
  • Brass Blocks
  • Plastic under chain (only for selected models)

Requirement level of parts varies with production level so its understanding.

Please Note: After running slotter slitter scorer (RS4) machine for more than 12 months if a decrease in the quality of cutting or slot section is observed it is a signal that blades - Slotting, Spacers and Scrap need to be changed.