Allied equipment for corrugated board and box making machines


Allied equipment for corrugated board and box making machines

Heat management, waste management, gum making machines, bundling and strapping, testing labs and flute rolls and re-fluting for all your corrugation machinery needs.

These with our top of the line corrugation machinery to give you the competitive edge you require.

Need of Allied Equipment : Allied  plays an important role in each production level of factory of corrugated box manufacturing. There are 3 phases of the these equipment to select the period when the allied equipment to be added in production line . It is experienced as machinery supplier, a factory owner put all stress in buying main structure and set up but forgot the need of such equipment which he needs to the competitive edge to his line, so we discuss its phase and needs:

Ist phase of allied equipment is gum mixer and testing equipment

2nd phase of adding allied equipment when production starts and we stress the need of strapping machine, heat conveyor and waste management and bailing press and partitions systems which is widely used in pharma, glassware ,liquor and other industries .

3rd phase is to add power to production and keep inventory , in the category we recommend , stackers ,stripper ,auto conveyor (some factory choose it in beginning it self for reducing man power and planned mass production) and most importantly the inventory of flute rolls, its intelligent move to keep spare flute rolls being the heart of machine and continued working its easily worn out time is also less which can result stop of production but if within time flute rolls are stocked factory and avoid the situation and move supply chain well and interrupted production , flute rolls inventory work as a chain ,replacing old rolls to new and sending new rolls to re fluting to next replacement.

These products are specially categorized with detailed features .