Die Cutting Spare & Accessories


die cutting machine known for their robust and strong built and its general thought inventory of the die cutting part is not important but still many tiny and medium range parts need to give strength to strengthen the working capacity of machine , it include control accessories, chase, plates, clutch ,slipping,carbon brush ,limit switches ,censor lamps ,transformer etc.

  spare inventory is important  for interrupted running of machine in 3 levels ,level represent the frequent used parts, level 2 is group of parts and accessories which is important for extra productivity and reducing make ready time ,level 3 is emergency break downs and to be prepared for uninterrupted production.

Levels as below listed:

Level 1

  • Carbon brush
  • Limit switch
  • Light indicator
  • Push button and element
  • Rectifier for transformer

Level 2

  • Additional make ready plate
  • Additional chases

Level 3

  • Clutch and Brake coil
  • Clutch center plate and block
  • Impression Spindle
  • Counter
  • Timer
  • ,Mushroom Safety Switch