Auto Feeding Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Machine
Auto Feeding Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Machine
Auto Feeding Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Machine
Auto Feeding Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Machine
Auto Feeding Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Machine
Auto Feeding Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Machine
Auto Feeding Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Machine

Auto Feeding Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Machine

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Auto feeding thin blade machine brings out the best features of thin blade machine while eliminating the need for specialized operators. Auto feeder helps achieve high productivity while electric adjustment 8 bar machine helps bring precision in operations while minimizing the possibility of accidents due to operator negligence. Auto Feeding thin blades are extremely helpful for corrugation plants looking to achieve high productivity, flexibility and automation while keeping an eye on the budget.

Feeding section:

◎ The cardboard size is adjusted by screw rod adjusting mechanism, one operator, simple quickly.

◎ The convenience adjustable yards paper machine can better adapt to all kinds of cardboard and the paper-feeding is stable accurately.

◎ The belt which conveys cardboard adopts the high quality rubber seamless belts, high friction, long life , less noise , easy maintenance and high economic benefits.

◎ The double tension control is convenient and reliable.

◎ The shaft adopts pattern roller and it can increase the friction between paper belt and itself to ensure cardboard conveying is smoothly and quickly.


Slitting Part:

◎ Adopt two roll near-range feeding (front and back rubber roll distance 325mm), then scoring, easy to adjustment. It could be do slitting only without scoring, avoid error when scoring.

◎ Adopt electric adjust blade distance, pneumatic lock Improve whole machine degree of automation, easy

to operate and high precision, save time and labor to adjust.

◎ Slitting Part: adopt 4 point high quality tungsten steel blade, sharp and long work-life, slice more tidy, non-pressing and non-burr.

◎ Scoring Part: adopt 6 points scoring, scoring distance in-phase adjust, blazonry and easy to bend the carton sheet.

◎ Grinding Part: adopt automatic and manual two kinds pneumatic grinding type, it could be grinding when working, improve work efficiency.

◎ Adopt  famous brand or imported electric element, dependable performance





Machine dimension (mm)



Power (KW)



Max slitting width (mm)



Max feed length (mm)


Min slitting width (mm)


Min slitting length (mm)


Min  scoring width (mm)


Scoring height (mm)


Blade (mm)


Blade & Scoring  Composed Type

Four blade Six Scoring/

* Five Blades Eight scoring optional 



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