Flute Rolls
Different Flute Rolls and different impressions
Flute Rolls
Flute Rolls process
Flute Rolls
Flute Rolls process

Flute Rolls

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Flute design and size is probably the most important aspect of corrugated box manufacturing and it is imperative to make the right selection here to get the board and hence the box perfect as per the specifications.

We pride ourselves in being the gold standard in providing corrugated rolls to with different specifications while adhering the international norms.
We also have the unique ability of custom designing the flute rolls. Hundreds of customers trust us for that every year.

We now offer brand new Alloy Steel, Chrome Coated and carbide coated flute rolls flute rolls.

Re-fluting facility is also available for alloy steel rolls.

Specification of special flutes like N and G is also available on demand.

Flute designation Flutes per foot Flute thickness (in) Flutes per meter Flute thickness (mm)
A flute 33 ± 3 ​3⁄16 108 ± 10 4.8
B flute 47 ± 3 ​1⁄8 154 ± 10 3.2
C flute 39 ± 3 ​5⁄32 128 ± 10 4.0
E flute 90 ± 4 ​1⁄16 295 ± 13 1.6
F flute 125 ± 4 ​1⁄32 420 ± 13 0.8

Understanding Corrugated Flutes at a glance:
  • Corrugated material is available in different wall thicknesses, known as flutes sizes
  • A-Flute is 1/4 inch thick, greatest cushioning for fragile products
  • C-Flute 3/16 inch thick, commonly used for shipping cases
  • B-Flute is 1/8 inch thick, flatter surface for higher quality printing and die cutting
  • E-Flute is 1/16 inch thick, a strong alternative for paperboard folding cartons
Shapes of Flutes
  • V
  • U
  • UV

Available flutes and parameters:
We specify flute on the basis of international parameters ,market survey and our day to day customer experiences 


  1. A-flute is the original corrugated flute design and is the thickest. With it's thickness
  2. A-flute provides the greatest cushioning properties for fragile products
  3. Because A-flute offers excellent stiffness qualities and short column crush resistance, it has application across a broad range of customer uses
  4. Flutes per Linear Foot: 36
  5. Thickness: 1/4"(NO OF FLUTE MAY DIFFER 2 +-.


  1. C-flute is the most widely used flute size, commonly used for shipping cases
  2. Often used for packaging glass products, dairy products, and furniture
  3. C-flute offers good crushing resistance, good stacking strength, and highly acceptable printing properties
  4. Most common
  5. Flutes per Linear Foot: 42 (2-4 +-)
  6. Thickness: 3/16"


  1. With lower arch heights and more flutes per foot than A-flute material, B-flute contacts liners at a greater number of points
  2. This additional support provides a stiff, flat surface for high quality printing and die cutting
  3. B-flute offers excellent puncture and crush resistant properties, and consumes less warehouse space
  4. Developed for packaging canned goods, B-flute is used for beverage trays, wrap-around blanks, glass-to-glass packs, and slip-sheets
  5. B-flute is also preferred for high speed, automatic packing lines as well as for pads, dividers, partitions, and other forms of inner packing
  6. Flutes per Linear Foot: 48 (2-4 +-)
  7. Thickness: 1/8"


  1. Containing about 76-96 flutes per foot, E-flute has greater crush resistance and a relatively flat surface for high quality printing applications
  2. The thin board profile of E-flute reduces outer box dimensions, and can help save storage space
  3. Because of its thin profile, cushioning properties, and flat surface, E-flute offers a strong alternative for conventional paperboard folding cartons including boxes for cosmetics, fragile glass, and ceramic items, and delicate instruments
  4. Flutes per Linear Foot: 76-96.
  5. It is customizable flute and varies with customer demand
  6. Thickness: 1/16" (normally) but can be changed as per demand of the customer

F and G Flute:

  1. Developed for small retail packaging
  2. F-flute makes packages with lower fiber content
  3. With reduced fiber in the packaging, a more rigid box is created with less solid waste going into landfills
  4. In Europe, F-flute is being used for specialty packaging, point-of-purchase displays, jewelry and cosmetic packages and shoe boxes
  5. Word wide , fast food chains are adopting F-flute material in clam-shell packaging
  6. Next step G flute is designed for thinner (finer) specifications and its now popular in Mobile/cosmetic/inner garment boxes/lacquer box
  7. F flute normally has 125 flutes per foot but it can vary with 5-6 flute variance in certain cases
  8. G flute is 158 flute per foot but it can have a variance of 2-4 flutes 


We have been associated with them for over 15 years and they have been our trusted partners over all these years.

What has been most satisfying is the promptness and quality of after sales service and most importantly the ever-present smile.

We consider them not just our technology partners but a part of our family.

Boxman (India) Private Limited, Sonipat, NCR (National Capital Region)

Our association with them started 30 years ago with 'cutting machines'.

The machines speak for themselves in terms of quality.

It is with their continuous service support and providing the right knowledge that they have outstripped the competition in set up of our 'corrugated box unit' for inner and master cartons.

Moorthy offset Private Limited, Sivakasi (Tamil Nadu)

We started our journey in packaging industry 11 year ago. At that time, we had no idea who we should buy our machines from, so we landed up at their door. 

They guided us with their unbiased advice and with their guidance we ordered our first set of machines.  

As the years passed, we have tried other renowned names in the industry and have concluded that they are the ‘best’ at what they do.

Max Packers (Jalandhar, Punjab)

They have been amazing partners and extremely dependable.

This companionship of three decades has only been possible due to their endless efforts and amazing quality material provided to us.

We hope to extend this partnership for several decades to come.

Madhav Printographics Private Limited (formerly Shivalik Printers), NCR (National Capital Region)

We have been associated with them since 2014 with a combined Slotter scorer and from that day our association developed with them has grown with various installations.

We are proud to be their partners.

Fortuner Packaging (Group), Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

Mr Vinay gupta is synonyms with the brand and a vital part of our family at Pooja industries. जो कहता है वो करता है (A man of his words) .No false promises regarding quality and always guides costumers in the right direction.

We love you & will always be associated with your brand.

Pooja packaging industries, Haldwani (Nanital), Uk

We are glad to associated with you since 2010. Our entire plant has been set up by you

We look forward to partner with you for many years and decades to come.

Rajan Packers Group (Batala, Punjab)

They have been an institution, a brand and above all a commitment for us.

Buying a machine from them has always given us a sense of security that this machine will give us a quality product with production and no breakdowns.

Proud to have them as our associate partners in providing 'Complete Corrugation Solutions'

BP Lipeds, Baddi (Himachal Pradesh)

We are proud be install their corrugating and box making machinery at both units in Jodhpur and Churu Rajasthan and are extremely satisfied with their continued support to the BVS group. 

BVS Group (Jodhpur, Rajasthan)

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