Printing Slotting Rotary Die Cutting Machine for Corrugated Boxes
Single Color Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine
Rotary Die Cutting Machine
Double Color Printing Slotting Rotary Die Cutting 2800 by 1800 mm
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Printer Slotter Die Cutting Machine
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Rotary Die Cutting Machine with Slotting Attachment for Corrugated Boxes
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Rotary Die Cutting Machine
Double Color Printing Slotting Rotary Die Cutting Machine
Double Color Printing Slotting Rotary Die Cutting Machine
Double Color Printing Slotting Rotary Die Cutting Machine
Double Color Printing Slotting Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Rotary Die Cutting Machine

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Our Rotary Die Cutting Machine comes with a slotting attachment and can be used to slot, crease, die cut and optionally print paper corrugated boards in one shot. Slotting attachment helps save changeover time and die costs for regular slotted (master or shipper) cartons. Rotary Die technology is more robust in handling corrugated boards from manual or semi automatic plants due to better ability to convert boards with higher moisture content. Hence they are universally preferred in Indian subcontinent, African, Middle Eastern, Vietnam and other markets where manual, semi automatic and automatic plants are found in equal proportion.

We come with decades of track record of thousands of successful rotary die cutting deployments all over the world. Inhouse engineers to test and deploy rotary die cutting as well as service them over the lifetime along with predictable and real time fulfilment of spares.

The machine composed with printer, slotter parts, can process 1-11 mm cardboard printing creasing slotting etc. procedures.
Wall board material is casting iron, thickness 40 mm, will not be out of shape. Spot facing work adopt high precision display processing, center distance of holes can reach ±0.01 mm.
The stacker available as an additional option has height of 1600 mm

Printing unit:

  • Printing roller diameter include printing plate is 406mm, made with high quality steel plate, treated with surface grinding, hard chrome polishing, wall thickness 10-12mm, equalization balancing treatment. Pressing roller diameter 156mm, seamless steel pipe wall thickness 18mm, surface grinding with hard chrome, welding with equalization balancing treatment.
  • Printing roller phase adjustment is planetary gear driving structure, digital control in 360°, electrical phase adjustment.
  • Anilox roller surface adopt fine grinding hard chromium plating, outer diameter is Ø180mm, anilox LPI between 180-250 lines for choosing, rubber roller diameter180, roller surface has crowning to compensate the deformation because of power, make the ink layers be more uniform and ink transfer effect is better.

Slotting unit:

  • The axial diameter is 156mm, and the linear axis is110mm: surface grinding, hard chromium plating, and smooth movement (single wall thickness of the blank pipe is 16mm).
  • The width of slotting knife is 7mm.
  • 45# steel heat treatment and grinding teeth shape slotting cutter with good hardness and toughness.
  • The steel material is used for heat treatment and grinding trimming knife, sharp edge and high precision.
  • Planetary gear mechanism.
  • Slot electric digital 360 ° phase adjustment.(operation and stop can be adjusted)

Die-cutting unit:

  •  Planetary gear structure.
  • Die-cutting phase adopts planetary differential structure, electric digital 360 °.(operation and stop can be adjusted)

Stacker unit:

  • Lifting platform, and a weight lifting device, reduce the motor load, prolong the service life of the reducer.
  • Feed platform controlled by travel switch and photoelectric elevator, with automatic manual two operating modes.
  • The conveyor belt conveyor belt for special climbing a hill, fold belt surface shape, ensure that output in the process of platform rises after the board does not appear fall off.
  • the pile of paper height: 1800 mm, the longest paper length: 1600 mm.


We have been associated with them for over 15 years and they have been our trusted partners over all these years.

What has been most satisfying is the promptness and quality of after sales service and most importantly the ever-present smile.

We consider them not just our technology partners but a part of our family.

Boxman (India) Private Limited, Sonipat, NCR (National Capital Region)

Our association with them started 30 years ago with 'cutting machines'.

The machines speak for themselves in terms of quality.

It is with their continuous service support and providing the right knowledge that they have outstripped the competition in set up of our 'corrugated box unit' for inner and master cartons.

Moorthy offset Private Limited, Sivakasi (Tamil Nadu)

We started our journey in packaging industry 11 year ago. At that time, we had no idea who we should buy our machines from, so we landed up at their door. 

They guided us with their unbiased advice and with their guidance we ordered our first set of machines.  

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Max Packers (Jalandhar, Punjab)

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We hope to extend this partnership for several decades to come.

Madhav Printographics Private Limited (formerly Shivalik Printers), NCR (National Capital Region)

We have been associated with them since 2014 with a combined Slotter scorer and from that day our association developed with them has grown with various installations.

We are proud to be their partners.

Fortuner Packaging (Group), Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

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Rajan Packers Group (Batala, Punjab)

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BP Lipeds, Baddi (Himachal Pradesh)

We are proud be install their corrugating and box making machinery at both units in Jodhpur and Churu Rajasthan and are extremely satisfied with their continued support to the BVS group. 

BVS Group (Jodhpur, Rajasthan)