Sujata Mobile Box Making Plant

Sujata Mobile Box Making Plant

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 Sujata Mobile Box Making Plant is a high speed  and high automation solution for printing and packaging houses for making top and bottom rigid boxes involved in making mobile boxes.

Production features:

  1. Capacity: 15000-30000 Cartons Per Day depending on no of job changes
  2. Manpower required: 5-10 
  3. Labor Dependence: Low
  4. Minimum Space Advisable: 5,000 sft 




SHF - Heavy Duty Hot Foil cum Platen Die Cutting/ Creasing Embossing Press with


Inside Chase       Platen Size          Foil Size               Product Code

22” x 32”              25”x 35”            18”x 23”                    SHF 35


·      Hot Foil Printing Attachment with Facility to Run Two Foil Units Fitted with

o   2 Stepper Motors

o   Drive

o   Foil  Setting Computer Control for Micro adjustment

·       A Heating Plate & Electronic Thermo state with Digital


·      Electro Magnetic Clutch & Brake

·      Single “Dwell” Facility

·      Wrap around Safety Device

·      Centralized Lubrication

·      Two Normal Chases

·      2 M.S. Plate

·      Delivery & Feeding Table

·      Automatic Impression Counter

·      A Set of Service Tools




Technical Data SHF




Platen Size


 (In MM)


Inside Chase


Heating Area


Output/ Hour


Pressure Exerted (In Ton)


Power (HP)


Floor Space




Additional load heater (KW)



SUJATA Heavy Duty High Speed Fully Automatic Paper Cutting machines Equipped With Electromagnetic clutch + brake, photo cell Safety device, 2 Electric Motors, 2 Knives (with Motorized back gauge), Hand Lubrication Pump –Self clamp


Size: 42”


Technical Specifications of Machine

Product Code

SFG 107

Cutting width

42” (1070 mm)

Pile Height

5” (130 mm)

Cut per minute



5.5 HP

Weight (Net)

2600 KG


SUJATA Thermal Lamination Machine, designed to laminate with heat process with a pre-gummed film. It makes the lamination process more efficient, faster and smoother. Thermal laminations can be optionally attached with a sheet separator to even further enhance the productivity. They are essential in any kind of premium packaging to enhance the marketing communication the customer


Size: 24”



Lamination width


Max. Speed/Hour

900 Ft

Electric REQ.

2 HP

Roller width


Heating Load



Automatic Cardboard Grooving Machine


1.      Automatic Feeding and Automatic correcting part using belt feeding board and press wheel together with belt to keep the board straight.

2.      First time grooving and waste strip removal use the belt bind the board on the surface of roller to keeping precision and remove chip each time.

3.       Board turn around system.

4.       Second time grooving and correcting part

5.      Second time grooving part use press wheel together with belt to keep the board straight again Guarantee final products percent of pass.

6.       Second time grooving part.

7.       Final products automatic collection

8.       Convenient adjust belts and cutting knives size


Width of Material:


Length of Material:


Card board thickness :


Distance of each grooving:


Groove degree:




Total number of grooves:



18KW 380V 3Phase



Machine weight:



E40 - Semi Automatic Corner Tapping Machine



  • Electromagnetic single arm press fit control device.
  • Digital display to control temperature.
  • The vertical and deep angles of the corner can be adjusted at random, and it is applicable to various paper boxes.
  • Electronic digital display to quantity counting.


Technical Features:

Min size:


Heater power:


Motor power :

0.55 /220v


20-50pcs box/min


18KW 380V 3Phase



Machine weight:



650HFA – Front Suction Automatic Gluing Machine



·       This gluing machine is a transferring type of paper upper side gluing equipment, combined with many-year experience on packing machinery, designed along with the needs of the clients.

·       It is ideal equipment for medium size printing packing plants to make flow line production.

·       It adopts heat fused adhesive powder to avoid traditional white emulsion from shrinking and mildewing.

·       Adjustable gluing drum to make the glue spread out on the surface of the paper.

·       The conveyor has a draft fan and keeps the paper transfer from deviation.

·       Temperature control system in glue tank can guarantee the viscosity of the glue.

·       Speed adjustable according to skilful degree of the production worker.

·       It is characterized by rational structure, stable performance, convenient operation, easy replacement and low labour intensity.


Technical Data


Technical Parameters




Max paper size:


Surface paper thickness:


Heater Power:

7.45KW  380V

Conveyor length:


Air supply

10L/Min  0.8Mpa





Machine weight:



EBF 450- Semi-Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine


Machine is designed on the basis of user feedback and continuous improvement. It satisfies every kind of sweet box and gift box (or rigid box) packaging that have a complex structure and high-quality requirement (such as branded electronic product packaging, cosmetic boxes and luxury items like jewellery boxes and, watches). 

The equipment not only satisfies different specifications and structural requirements but also improves the production efficiency and quality.

Main transmission gears adopt servo drive, smooth operation with high durability. Operates on a variety of paper with different thickness and structure Fold range between 10-90mm.

Angle parts adopt guide rail positioning and activate spring - that protects the surface paper. Multi-function box making system can help completely different shape boxes.

Ejection device adopts cylindrical synchronous operation mode to smoothly eject the formed box. Simple structure with convenient debugging to make smaller boxes.


  • The movements of main shaft, mold stretch, wrapping, folding-in, and bubble pressing are all driven by double servo motors and cam boxes
  • Guarantees a quiet and stable operation 
  • Four additional cylinders for additional bubble pressing, solving the thicker paper issue and inferior glue issue
  • Observe production details and adjust the parameters
  • Folding Corner Edge is up to 80mm as standard, or it can be customized to 150mm, and this is controlled by rails and cylinder, that are adjustable and precise
  • Vacuum fan to keep the box on the machine, and this tension can be adjusted according to the sizes of the boxes.
  • Controlled by PLC Panasonic/Schneider, with formulas memory. It takes just 15 minutes to change to another box.
  • Imported optical grating transducer protects the operator from operation injury
  • Computer control with (error) auto stop and display
  • Table board and frame are processed by CNC and enjoy durable quality
  • Fold ears, wrap, insert and form the box automatically in one smooth step
  • With Schneider touch screen interface
  • With Air TAC cylinder, Taiwan Brand guide rail .and Panasonic Servo motor 
  • Quick mold change design for producing different box sizes
  • Equipped with brush wheel for folding sides smoothly
  • Equipped with air pressure detector on the box inserter. The machine can’t run if the box is not inserted or inserted wrongly
  • The bottom mold is pneumatic drive to prevent bubble generation



Max box size:


Min box size:


Max paper size:


Turn in depth:


Card board thickness :


Surface paper thickness:





2.25KW 380V 3Phase

Air supply

10L/Min  0.8Mpa

Box Making Speed:




Machine weight:



We offer complete range of Post Press Machines at all levels of automations and budgets, namely:

  1. Paper Cutting Machines - Programmable, Hydraulic, Fully Automatic and Semi Automatic
  2. Die Cutting
  3. Hot Foil Press
  4. Lamination Machine - Thermal, Cold, Hot and Cold and Window 
  5. Print Finishing Series - Spot UV, Screen Printing, Roller Coating with Driers
  6. Grooving Machines
  7. Box Wrapping or Forming Machines
  8. Gluers - Automatic with conveyors and Manual
  9. Carton Tapping Machines
  10. Board Cutters - Rotary and Digital Carboard Cutting Machines

 Proprietary features:

  1. Inhouse Casting to introduce proprietary features in products at initial stage to improve product performance, life and stability
  2. Strong build, average weight for a specific size is ~40% greater than market standard. Superior weight helps the product deliver a long and reliable life
  3. 5 Decades of R&D and continuous improvement to build a world class product
  4.  Operational safety features
  5. All levels of automations
  6. Complete solutions with best in class after sales service and installation
  7.  Low maintenance with high durability


We have been associated with them for over 15 years and they have been our trusted partners over all these years.

What has been most satisfying is the promptness and quality of after sales service and most importantly the ever-present smile.

We consider them not just our technology partners but a part of our family.

Boxman (India) Private Limited, Sonipat, NCR (National Capital Region)

Our association with them started 30 years ago with 'cutting machines'.

The machines speak for themselves in terms of quality.

It is with their continuous service support and providing the right knowledge that they have outstripped the competition in set up of our 'corrugated box unit' for inner and master cartons.

Moorthy offset Private Limited, Sivakasi (Tamil Nadu)

We started our journey in packaging industry 11 year ago. At that time, we had no idea who we should buy our machines from, so we landed up at their door. 

They guided us with their unbiased advice and with their guidance we ordered our first set of machines.  

As the years passed, we have tried other renowned names in the industry and have concluded that they are the ‘best’ at what they do.

Max Packers (Jalandhar, Punjab)

They have been amazing partners and extremely dependable.

This companionship of three decades has only been possible due to their endless efforts and amazing quality material provided to us.

We hope to extend this partnership for several decades to come.

Madhav Printographics Private Limited (formerly Shivalik Printers), NCR (National Capital Region)

We have been associated with them since 2014 with a combined Slotter scorer and from that day our association developed with them has grown with various installations.

We are proud to be their partners.

Fortuner Packaging (Group), Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

Mr Vinay gupta is synonyms with the brand and a vital part of our family at Pooja industries. जो कहता है वो करता है (A man of his words) .No false promises regarding quality and always guides costumers in the right direction.

We love you & will always be associated with your brand.

Pooja packaging industries, Haldwani (Nanital), Uk

We are glad to associated with you since 2010. Our entire plant has been set up by you

We look forward to partner with you for many years and decades to come.

Rajan Packers Group (Batala, Punjab)

They have been an institution, a brand and above all a commitment for us.

Buying a machine from them has always given us a sense of security that this machine will give us a quality product with production and no breakdowns.

Proud to have them as our associate partners in providing 'Complete Corrugation Solutions'

BP Lipeds, Baddi (Himachal Pradesh)

We are proud be install their corrugating and box making machinery at both units in Jodhpur and Churu Rajasthan and are extremely satisfied with their continued support to the BVS group. 

BVS Group (Jodhpur, Rajasthan)